London Calling

"Hey somewhere... You threw your fears in the sea of no cares." -Great Big Sea

Day 2- London, UK

Before I left Cananda, my usual reply to anyone who questioned me going solo was, "Oh I'm sure I'll meet people." As confident as I may of sounded, I was still a little doubtful, but within hours of beginning my travels, sure enough I had met people. Here and there people who support what I'm doing and even someone who's doing the same thing (well sort of).

I landed in Keflavik, Iceland (just outside of Reykjavik) for my 10h layover between Toronto and London, but that may have been my favourite part of the journey so far. Going into the city I met Cassie, who was on the same flight to London. We spent the day wandering around the city, which isn't that big for a capital (180,000 ppl), but what it lacks in population, it certainly makes up for in culture. Everyone has their own individual style and fashion sense, the narrow hilly streets are navigated by an even mix of Asian, North American, and European cars, and EVERYTHING is centered around efficiency. With the summers in 24h daylight, almost all buildings have large, east-facing windows to maximize the sunlight. MNost buildind are relatively new by European standards, and contemporary art plays a huge role in the society.

Outside the city the landscape is barren; there are no trees or shrubs other than at sealevel because the country is too far north. Instead the ground is rocky and covered by long, flat grasses and mosses. It all makes for a very alien effect with the volcanoes and hot springs smoking in the background.

Overall Reykjavik was amazing and seen in good company. Landing in London was a bit of a hastle through customs and the airport, but eventually I got through and back to my hostel. That trip did include minor detours through all Earl's Court with my VERY heavy backpack as I walked in circles trying to find the hostel late at night! Got in and met my roommates, 2 French girls, 1 girl from Hong Kong, a girl from Italy, and an Aussie.

Now I'm beginning to explore the city and my new freedom. I'll keep you posted.



  1. great day princess.hope things are wonder-filled for you while in london/liverpool town.....all the best love dad ..

  2. Just thought I'd let you know I'm stoked that you finally got your trip together and are having adventures. I'm following along!

  3. Cassie. Im soo excited for you and im glad that your exploring the world. I'll be checking in to see how everything is going :)

    Love you lotsss and miss you already

    P.S. Don't forget our little bet ;)